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Thursday, 23 January 2014

A Foundation for Faith

The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ

'The Book of Mormon is a volume of holy scripture Comparable to the Bible. It is a record of God's dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the Americas and contains, as does the Bible, the fullness of the everlasting gospel.' -Introduction to the Book of Mormon

Many people have asked me questions about the Book of Mormon, about what is is, and why Mormons use it. Isn't the Bible enough? Others ask questions about why God would stop speaking to his children through prophets. Where are the Apostles now? Why did God seem to only speak to his children on one side of the world?These are just a handful of questions that many people may have.You probably have your own questions, whether you are LDS or not. Please feel free to leave your questions in the comments, I hope to be able to address as many of these questions as I can over a series of posts in the next two to three weeks. 

...:Another Testament of Jesus Christ

The first use and purpose of the Book of Mormon is that it is a powerful foundation for our faith in Jesus Christ. Remember that 'The Book of Mormon' is less than half of the book's name. This book is a testament of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Bible is made up of two compilations of works and writings, the New Testament and the Old Testament. These create a powerful witness for the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon provides a second witness to that of the bible that Jesus is the Christ.

Even if you have never read the Bible, and you know little or nothing about the saviour, you can come to know him on a personal level through the Book of Mormon. 

A Foundation of Faith

“Just as the arch crumbles if the keystone is removed, so does all the Church stand or fall with the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. The enemies of the Church understand this clearly. This is why they go to such great lengths to try to disprove the Book of Mormon, for if it can be discredited, the Prophet Joseph Smith goes with it. So does our claim to priesthood keys, and revelation, and the restored Church. But in like manner, if the Book of Mormon be true—and millions have now testified that they have the witness of the Spirit that it is indeed true—then one must accept the claims of the Restoration and all that accompanies it” (A Witness and a Warning [1988], 18–19).
The Book of Mormon is the word of God. It does contain the fullness of the Gospel. I have watched this book change the lives of many people. I would like to promise all those who would read the Book of Mormon that if they study it, and pray about it, and ponder it's teachings and precepts, that they will find a spiritual confirmation from the Holy Ghost that it is the word of God.

Please feel free to post your thoughts in your comments below! I'll be writing a continuation of this topic in the next coming weeks, so I can better answer any questions or concerns you might have! 

This is part one of a two part series on the Book of Mormon, Click here for Part 2!!!

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