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Thursday, 5 December 2013

What is faith?

Hello! My name is Rob DeBry, I am a Mormon missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Over the past few weeks I have been studying faith in the scriptures, and I would like to report what I have learned and share weekly how my faith has grown. I feel it would be best to start by defining Faith.

Faith is trust and confidence. If I have faith that a chair will hold me up when I sit in it, then I am confident that the chair will hold me. If I have faith in Christ, then I have a trust and a faith in him, to the degree that he will save me.

In Hebrews Chapter 11 verse 1 it says that "Faith is the substance (assurance, basis, or foundation) of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen". Faith is the assurance that we have in things that we hope for, even though we may not be able to quite see the end result. There are many things we place faith in. Let's look at a seed. I would never plant a seed unless I had first believed that the seed would grow. If I didn't believe that the seed would grow, I would have never planted it in the first place! 

Think about your own life. What things do you do that you don't immediately see the end result of? This is faith. it isn't just a principle of religion, but it is the thing that moves all people! 

We find assurance of Jesus Christ and his divinity through daily scripture study and prayer. As we gather these evidences, whether they are spiritual or physical, or from our own experiences or the experience of others, our faith will grow. Our confidence in Jesus Christ will grow. Watch this video from Elder David A Bednar that explains the patterns of how our faith grows.

I believe in Jesus Christ. I trust him. I have felt the healing power that he has in my life, so that I can know that he is there and he loves me. Faith is like a seed. If you plant it it will grow. And I invite all people everywhere to plant the seed of faith in Jesus Christ, and let in grow inside you so that you may feel the peace, comfort, and love that I have.

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